High Pressure Steam and Condensate Piping

Minnesota High Pressure Steam Licensed

Steam is a very efficient and easily controlled heat transfer medium. Unfortunately for many mechanical contractors, the science of steam heating has been lost. This is evident in the low number of mechanical contractors licensed to install high-pressure steam systems. Minnesota statute requires that before working with high-pressure piping systems a business must employ an individual who has a contractor pipefitter license and have the proper permits. Plaas Incorporated offers steam piping experience with #25 Minnesota High Pressure Piping licensed Journeymen. In addition Plaas staff also have High Pressure Piping Master Licenses. Plaas is high pressure steam licensed to work with steam, condensate, and ammonia high-pressured piping.  Plaas employs numerous licensed journeyman pipefitters and welders to do the high pressure piping work safely and efficiently.

Minnesota high-pressure piping systems are defined as one of the following:
-Steam system piping designed to operate at more than 15 PSI
-Ammonia (717) refrigeration system piping
-Bio process piping systems
-High-pressure and high-temperature fluids designed to operate at more than 250°F and 30 PSI gauge used for heating

High Pressure Steam Application

High Pressure Steam Application

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