Specialty Welding Services

As a result of our clients’ requests, Plaas Industrial has expanded its Specialized Welding services. Plaas has a group of seasoned professionals whose years of combined welding expertise contribute to a higher efficiency level, with one of the lowest overall repair rates in the industry. This, coupled with our experienced project management team, quality control programs and excellent safety record, provides the critical success factors necessary for a safe and efficient turnaround, shutdown or outage.
Plaas’ code-certified welders and procedures are responsive to critical path needs. Plaas provides specialized welding in SMAW, GTAW, and SMAW processes in such metals as aluminum, inconel, hastelloy, monel, duplex and super duplex, manganese, titanium, high chromium stainless steels, high chromium 1-1/4 to number 9, molybdenum stainless steels, nickel, brass, copper, and zirconium. For our customers, it means less downtime and less rework.
Safety, efficiency and quality are the building blocks we use to give our clients the turnarounds they have come to expect from Plaas Specialized Welding. Our management team, both from an execution and a quality control standpoint, implements strategies that result in projects being completed under budget and ahead of schedule.
Plaas Specialty Welding Services:
Ammonia Methanol & Hydrogen Reformers
Refinery and Petrochemical Furnace Tubing
Food Grade Piping
Ethylene Heaters
Coded Vessel Modifications
Revamps & Upgrades of Piping Systems
ASME Code Certified Welders & Procedures
Aluminum Welding

Welding Fabrication  Specialists

Welding Fabrication Specialists

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