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API 653 & UL 142 Alterations

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Build and Repair Tanks

PLAAS INC has a great deal of experience with API 653 tank repair and alterations for storage tanks, fuel storage tanks, asphalt storage tanks and more for customers like Flint Hills, Valero, ADM, Hawkins, Owens Corning and Marathon. We will have your tank repaired and get it back to a service-ready condition safely and efficiently. All of our repairs meet API 653 tank repair standards and can be as minor as fixing a small leak or nozzle addition, replacing a sheet in a shell course, installing a new tank floor or as major as providing support service to help replace a tank.

UL-142 built tanks are maintained to Steel Tank Institute (STI) standards.

PLAAS INC offers a broad range of tank build and repair services including: 

  • Asphalt Tank Repair
  • Fuel Tank Repair 
  • General Storage Tank Repair
  • Ul-142 Tank Repair and Alterations 
  • Tank Welding Repairs and Alterations 
  • Shell Insert Plates
  • Shell Lap Patches
  • Nozzle Additions
  • Puddle Welding
  • Bottom Replacement
  • Internal Piping and Repair 
  • Installation of External Piping and Other Tank Attachments 
  • Design, Build, Install and Repair of Stairways, Handrails and Platforms on Tanks. 

All repairs meet federal, state and local industry codes and standards for above-ground storage tanks.