Safety is more than a corporate policy – it is who we are. We believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility. As a result, practicing good safety protocol in everything we do has become a core component of our company’s culture. As an Isnet A-rated contractor, we are committed to providing an environment where there is zero tolerance for unsafe behaviors and conditions. 

At the beginning of the workday, our employees take the necessary precautions to ensure job site safety is a priority. Our dedicated Safety Divisions conducts a comprehensive in-house safety training program and job site inspections compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards.  

Safety statistics and safety policies for PLAAS INC are routinely reviewed and audited by our customers. Copies of our ISNetworld rating as an “A” contractor (from ADM, Valero, Poet, Flint Hills Resources, and Monsanto) and our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) are available upon request.

Additional safety standards include: 

  • Daily craft and job site safety training
  • Random company-wide drug testing
  • Daily safety audits
  • 10-hour safety orientation 
  • Hot work and PSSR permitting
  • AOC (Abnormal Operating Condition) OC training
  • Field supervisor safety orientation 
  • Corporate site visits and walkthroughs
  • In-House Corporate Safety Manager
  • Annual training for all employees
  • Daily completion of Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Compliance with 49 CFR Parts 40 and 199 through PLAAS INC pipeline’s drug and alcohol abuse prevention program – approved by the National Compliance Management Service (NCMS).
Person wearing a safety harness