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Since 1974, Plaas Incorporated has been a respected and versatile Mechanical Contractor focusing on: new construction, scheduled maintenance, outages, emergency repair work, ASME & NBIC code fabrication for power piping boilers and pressure vessels, confined space rescue services and quality control systems. In 2014 Plaas celebrated 40 years of service and 30 years with ABC (voice of the Merit Shop).

Plaas Services

Plaas has extensive service experience working with many materials including high pressure steam condensate, ammonia refrigeration, pressure vessels, boilers, DOT piping, tank repair and more. Click on "Read more" for a listing of Plaas Industrial Services.

Plaas Experience

For over 40 years, Plaas has been a critical piping partner, supplying technicians, equipment and knowledge to a variety of refineries, food facilities, medical processing plants and more. Click "Read more" to learn about Plaas Industrial customers.

Plaas Specialty Services

Plaas Specialty Services includes our Specialty Welding Services, Confined Space Rescue Services, Quality Control Systems (NDE Testing), heavy equipment rental and much more. Click on "Read more" to learn about Plaas Specialty Services.
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In addition to Industrial Services, Plaas Incorporated offers regional plumbing and heating services delivered by trained and dedicated plumbers. CLICK HERE to learn more about Plaas Plumbing and Heating Services.
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